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About the CPA

The Caltech Postdoctoral Association (CPA) is a dynamic organization, administered by postdocs and mandated to enhance the postdoctoral experience at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL). CPA membership includes the more than 650 postdoctoral scholars at both Caltech and JPL. CPA activities are directed by a board of directors that are elected each year. All postdocs who are interested in shaping their postdoc experience are highly encouraged to get involved and make a difference for all. Contact the board for more information.

Our activities, workshops, and events are designed to fill long-neglected niches of a postdoc's work and life. While postdocs at Caltech and JPL have always benefited from working with many of the world's most prolific faculty, several key areas involving professional and personal development have historically been underrepresented. Along with providing a strong voice advocating positive change, the CPA has successfully offered postdocs a multitude of programs to supplement their research agendas. The CPA has made significant progress in bettering the postdoctoral experience at Caltech and JPL by working closely with the Postdoctoral Scholars/Visitors Services (PDS) located within the Office of Human Resources, and the Office of the Provost.

The CPA also works in close partnership with the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the Caltech Alumni Association (CAA) to co-sponsor events of mutual interest. The CPA has established a strong tradition of community by bringing postdocs together from all divisions for numerous career and social events.

Current CPA Executive Board:
Jason Marshall, Chair
Ram Balasubramanian, Career Committee Co-Chair
Utkarsh Mital, Career Committee Co-Chair
Ke Liu, Social Committee Chair
Tara Mastro, Diversity Committee Chair
Positon Available, Parents' Advocate
Adela Nano, Postdoc Buddies
Eugenia Khorosheva, Outreach Coordinator
Jeannette KemmerCommunications Chair
Chengmingyue "Callie" Li, Treasurer

Division Reps: 
Tara Mastro, BBE
Julian West, CCE
Sandor Volkan-Kacso,
Coral Wheeler, PMA
Eleftheria Roumeli, EAS
Caroline Charpentier, HHS
Camilla Urbaniak, JPL


Find out about our committees:

To stay informed about upcoming events and connect with other postdocs, subscribe to the CPA mailing list* and join our Facebook Group FB. 

*The link to subscribe to the mailing list is only available from Caltech/JPL IP addresses. You can also subscribe via email: Send a blank email to with the subject "subscribe".